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Jetvac Inc. is a privately owned Canadian Company.  It was formed in 1987 to supply equipment and systems primarily to the Marine Industry, including the use of vacuum drainage for toilet systems.  Manufacturing vacuum systems, primarily for Supermarkets, is now the main part of their business

No.  The cost of equipment plus installation can be less than the cost of cutting into some floors.  Other cost savings are achieved, particularly in new stores, with time saved on the overall project by laying a flat floor compared to a installing a Gravity Drainage System.  Other factors include the ease of making changes and additions when construction has already started.  Consider benefits such as the ease of adding to or changing the system when the sales floor layout is altered, plus the greater reliability and lower maintenance costs, particularly compared with a Pump Drainage System.  The unique Jetvac system is more dependable, easier to install and operate, has more benefits and is normally less expensive, than other Vacuum Drainage Systems.

December 1996.  Jetvac was asked to design a vacuum drainage system for condensate collection by a multinational supermarket chain through their USA operation.  Hundreds of systems are now either already operational or being installed in new or remodelled Supermarkets in the USA, mainland Europe, and Asia


Jetvac systems have been operational since 1996 with very few problems.  Access points must be allowed for, and not be subsequently removed, for all isolation valves, collection points and Vacuum Valves for routine maintenance.  Due to the importance of the vacuum system to the operation of the store, power must be taken from the emergency generator circuit.  As with any system, ongoing design improvements are being made.

The skid-mounted 40/45 Series VGU has a dry weight of 365 kg and requires about 1.5 m x 2.5 m including access.  Additional 250 mm diameter vacuum reservoirs are mounted in the roof space as part of the overhead main piping.  The 40/300 Series VGU weighs 550 kg, but can still be sited on top of walk-in chillers, with refrigeration equipment or in a bulk storage area.  If space is very limited in a small store the system can be supplied as separate Pumps, Tank and a remote Control Panel.

As well as the representation in the UK, a phone call or e-mail to Jetvac Inc, will elicit the answer to most questions. Due to the increasing level of business, key personnel from Jetvac Inc, also visit the UK and Europe on a regular basis.  The works are close to Toronto Airport and if necessary, a Jetvac technician can attend a project meeting at very short notice.

Jetvac, together with the Installation Engineers, ensure that spare parts are always readily available for an installation, including a spare pump assembly.

For the first year, there is a full parts warranty. Thereafter, the degree of maintenance is up to the individual stores to be in line with other similar equipment, but Jetvac recommends a 24 months.

The running cost is essentially the cost of operating a 2.2 or 3.5 kW Vacuum Pump.  A single pump is normally required for about 30% of the time.

Yes.  The vacuum/discharge pumps are rated at 20 cu m/hr.  However, many stores tend to use existing gravity drains around the periphery of the store for Floor Drains and most Prep Sinks and just use the Vacuum System for collecting condensate and a few small sinks in the Sales Area, so they can be easily changed around in the future.  There are flow rate limitations at the collection points themselves.  If in doubt consult Jetvac.

The Vacuum Pumps have a noise level of up to 78 dB at 1 m against a solid wall.  Consequently, the VGU is usually away from busy areas and often partially enclosed.  The noise level is at its highest at the beginning of a pumping cycle.  There is no significant noise in the sales area.  It is quite difficult to detect when the under case Interceptors are triggered.  Prep sink drains are slightly more noticeable, but are not a problem.  Vacuum toilets flush more quickly and sound different to conventional gravity flush toilets.

There are no reports of failures of pipework due to wear.  However, it is important to stop excessive movement of pipework with proper use of brackets to avoid the possibility of pipe joint fractures.  The advantage of a vacuum collection system is that even if an overhead pipe does fracture, there would not be significant leakage of water onto the sales floor, unlike a Pump System.